Team Members

  • Barry Forrest


    I started riding dirt bikes when I was pretty young and always liked to hang around and work at my uncles “Fats Johnson” garage where I learned how to build Hot Rods and race cars. Its where I developed my love for speed and racing. I started racing cars […]

  • Terri Ray Forrest


    I’ve been riding and racing it seems like half of my life. I started out racing enduros when I was a teenager with my dad. He taught me so much, and I won many race across the southeast and was Fl. state womens champion for 4 yrs. and […]

  • Barry Smith


    My name is Barry Smith. I got interested in motorcycles at a very young age. My first bike was a honda 750. I have a love and passion for speed. I started racing motorcycles about 14 yrs. ago. My friend Barry Forrest (Gump) invited me to Knight […]

  • Wade Thomason


    I have always liked working on engines, riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers and racing. I met Barry and Terri through her daughter and started to go to the dirt drags with them. That really created a need for speed so to speak. I bought a Harley sportster […]

  • Jimmy McRae


      I have been riding for many years. And been coming to the dirt drags for about 6 years now. I joined All Balls in 2013. I love the thrill of racing and even more I love to show off. Jimmy

  • Alan Massey


    I also developed my skills very young riding dirt bikes and 4wheelers. My Dad had some racing 3 and 4 wheelers. I have always loved working on engines and dirt bikes. I went to the races when I met Barry to watch All Balls Dirt […]